Provide the opportunity for the community's youth to learn and play the sport of lacrosse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What's the Georgetown-Triton Youth Lacrosse (GTYL) web site?
  2. How can I add e-mail addresses for my player or update my son or daughters player record, contact information, etc?  You can make updates to your player's record or family account by signing into your account on our website(, either add a family member or click on your players name to bring up his/her record.  Here you can update e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. where indicated.
  3. When does the season start & end?
    GTYL starts the spring season in mid-March. Games usually start on the first Sunday in April. The season is over before the public school summer recess (2nd weekend in June), although there are occasional tournament games in June.
  4. When are practices and how long are they? There are normally 2 practices per week, usually weekday afternoons or evenings but could be Saturday mornings.  Practice durations range from 60 - 90 minutes, with the younger teams usually shorter than the older teams.  Practice schedules vary depending on coach availabilityand field space
  5. When are games?
    Games are scheduled for Sundays. Games that need to be re-scheduled due to weather postponements will be played on regular practice days and will be determined by the coaches and their organizations.
  6. Where are games played?
    Home games are played at Central Street Fields (Manter Fields) in Byfield, MA or Georgetown High School in Georgetown. Away games are played on the opposing team's fields across this region - most addresses available on the GTYL website. There are usually 4 home games & 4 away games each season.
  7. Where can I watch these games?
    Spectators are required to watch the games on the opposite side of the field from the two team benches if sufficient room exists.
  8. How are teams organized? Teams are organized by grades:

L7/8: 7th & 8th grade

L5/6: 5th & 6th grade

L3/4: 3rd & 4th grade
L1/2: 1st & 2nd grade

Instructional: 0-K


Section 2

  1. What are the requirements for instructional players?  Do they play games?  What equipment is needed? The GTYL instructional players practice once per week on Saturday mornings usually at 8:30 AM.  At this level, the focus is on fundamentals and having fun.  There are no 'games' although light intra-squad scrimmages will evolve toward the end of the season.  No formal equipment is required for instructional lacrosse.  We try to provide 'loaner' sticks for the kids based on supplies, however you can purchase a beginner stick at a sporting goods retailer such as Dick's.
  2. Can a player be on a team if they are not in the grade? Players may play "up" a level if requested by the parents and approved by the team coaches, player agent and president. However, this is very rare and would occur at L5/6 and L7/8 levels. Players may not play "down" a level unless GTYL secures approval via formal waiver from the state level governing competition committees.
  3. What positions do players get to play? As players progress through age levels they tend to self select into certain positions to which they are best suited by skill and physique. As they begin to learn the game they are rotated throughout all positions except that generally goalie is reserved for volunteers.
  4. When is registration? Regular registration for the spring begins on or about October 15 - November 1 and typically ends in early February.  Late registration begins in mid February, depending on the year and league dates and remains open until the beginning of March depending on individual team numbers. There is an additional fee for late registration, and it is possible to be placed on a wait list if roster space is limited. Team registration can close earlier than March if rosters are full.
  5. How do I register my child? On-line, linked through our registration page.
  6. How do I pay?The standard method of payment is via credit card.  If this is not possible, checks can be used made payable to Georgetown-Triton Youth Lacrosse; Suite 5 Box 254; 174 Newbury Turnpike; Rowley, MA 01969.
  7. Are there tryouts?No
  8. Are there playoffs? No.  MBYLL encourages balanced 'Classic' teams.  The focus of 'Classic Teams' is player development - learning the game.  The MBYLL will host a 'jamboree' at the end of the season for both boys and gilrs which provides a tournament atmosphere and a very enjoyable, competitive highlight for the season.
  9. What if my kid gets really good at lacrosse, are there are other more challenging leagues available?  Yes, other options are available in addition to the 'Classic' Town league. GTYL and the MBYLL encourage players to stay in the program. That is how the program and the future of the lacrosse develops within the community.  The options are:
  • Select Lacrosse: The MBYLL offers select lacrosse for both girls and boys.  Select lacrosse is available to players at L5/6 and L7/8 and is intended for those who excel in the sport and wish to play at a higher level with other similarly skilled players.  Select players compete at a club level with teams from across the league (statewide).  Select teams normally require tryouts, additional fees plus practices and games beyond the regular town schedule. This is not an opportunity for extra reps, equal playing time is not to be expected -  this is elite youth lacrosse. Given the relatively few number of qualified players, different town programs often combine to form competitive select teams. In recent years, some of our GTYL girls have combined with other girl's programs to play as the Fisher Cats.  Our L5/6 and L7/8 boys have been very successful in combining with other towns in the past.  Fielding select teams each year is not always possible as the amount of support, coaching and number of qualified players varies year to year.  The decision to field select teams will be considered by the BOD in conjunction with the coaches to determine when it is viable.
  • Club Lacrosse:  There are more competitive club programs available at additional cost, that require tryouts, are more competitive and have playoffs. We encourage our players to play for club programs that respect the "Classic' season and do not conflict with town schedules.  If your player demonstrates a high level of ability and loves the sport with the prospect of playing high school and perhaps beyond, you should seriously consider enrolling in a club program for the additional training and competion in tournaments that are offered.  I want to be very clear - this is not a requirement, but an informed suggestion.


Section 3

  1. How can I prepare my player for the season or enable her/him to develop skills during the off-season?  We encourage you to take advantage of skills clinics and training offered by several club programs in the area along with those offered by the High School Varsity teams.  We also encourage participation in Winter league lacrosse(boys) that is offered at the Topsfield Arena and HGR in North Andover.  Twisters and 3D also offer clinics and training opportunities.  See the 'Player Development' tab on the top of the home page.
  2. What kind of equipment do I need for girls? Girls need a lacrosse stick, mouth guard and lacrosse goggles. Soccer style cleats (no metal tips) are also needed.
  3. What kind of equipment do I need for boys? Boys need a lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse helmet (white if possible) mouth guard, lacrosse shoulder pads (NOCSAE 2021 certification label), lacrosse arm pads. Lacrosse or soccer/football style cleats (no metal tips) are also suggested at L1/2 & L3/4 and required at L5/6 & L7/8.
  4. What about uniforms?  GTYL provides a way for players to purchase a game jersey, and game shorts. Players typically will need to buy new uniforms when they grow out of their old uniform. Uniforms are available via the Webstore link at the top of the website home page.